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Use Interval Training to Help Lose Weight

Interval training is when you have a period of time when you’re using moderate or low intensity of cardiorespiratory exercise, followed by a shorter period of high-intensity exercise.

For example: 1 minute of jogging immediately followed by 30 seconds of full out sprinting. This cycle is repeated for the given duration of the workout.

Increasing your intensity and heart rate for short periods of time can yield great gains for your cardiorespiratory health and performance.

Interval training use very useful to break through endurance plateaus you may encounter. It also ads an element of variety to your cardio routine which can become dry and boring over time.

You don’t need to use IT every time you workout. As little as 1-2 times per week will yield good results over time. Interval training helps increase cardiac output (how efficient your heart is)  faster than by just using normal cardio exercise alone.

Using interval training is a great way to change things up in your routine and give your body a new stress that it will eventually adapt to, thus giving you more endurance and making your cardiorespiratory system stronger and more efficient.

After your body adapts, you can increase the intensity or duration of the intervals even more in order to keep progressing and keep your body guessing.

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