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Result of Women Lifting Weights or Steroids?

Is this what most women will end up looking like if they lift weights?

A popular fear that some women have is that they don’t want to end up all big and muscular if they start lifting weights. This prevents them from even going near the weights section.

Well don’t worry, ladies. The two women you see in the picture are on steroids and perhaps other anabolic hormones. There is no way a woman could naturally look like that from lifting weights. It’s physiological impossible without the use of steroids.

The reason is because while it’s true that women have testosterone in their bodies, it’s only around 1/10th of the amount that men have. Women can’t build as much muscle like men can.

So then what’s the point of women even lifting weights?

Like I’ve said in this post, resistance training gives your body its shape!

It gives your body that firm, toned look that some women desire. If all you did was diet and cardio, you would turn into a flabby twig over time.

So women, don’t be scared of lifting weights, you won’t get big and bulky like our friends in the picture!


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November 24, 2012

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