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Hi, My name is Nick Lopez and I'd like to welcome you to Dearborn Boot Camp and Personal Training blog. I have helped hundreds of your family and friends right here in Dearborn/Dearborn Heights get in the best shape of their lives and I can do the same for you.

This blog is designed to help Dearborn/Dearborn Heights residents feel great, lose weight and add years to their lives.

I love being a personal trainer because it allows me to change lives. So let’s get started!

You'll discover simple, yet effective ways to help you lose weight fast without spending hundreds of dollars on stupid gadgets and diet pills.

If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to lose weight, come back often because you've discovered the #1 Dearborn/Dearborn Heights weight loss site on the internet. In addition to the killer posts and articles on this blog, you'll also get resources, tips, ideas, and systems for losing weight fast. Best of all, you'll get information that you can apply today and get results now!

Whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs of weight, or if you just want to know how to live a healthier life - this is the resource site for YOU.


First thing’s first. I am not a doctor and you should always consult with your physician. The following are basic guidelines that you can use to help determine if you should be working out or not.

The main guideline I have used as recommended by others is Read more on Is Working Out & Exercising While Sick A Good Idea?…

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For those that don’t know, a  smith machines is a piece of workout equipment that has a barbell on a metal track that only allows for vertical motion. Many exercises can be done on this machine including squats and bench presses.

There is no doubt that incorporating some form of resistance training will greatly help you in your weight loss goals, but is the smith machine a good choice? Read more on Can Using Smith Machines Help You With Weight Loss?…

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Supersets are a great way to keep your heart rate up during resistance training and will help you burn more calories.

So what exactly is a superset? It’s when you do a set of a different exercise immediately after (with no rest between sets) a set of another exercise. Supersets are usually comprised of two exercises, but it is possible to use three or more exercises in your superset.

Another great benefit from supersets is Read more on Supersets For Weight Loss…

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How Intense Should Your Cardio Exercise Be For Weight Loss? Unfortunately the exact answer can be different for everyone.The higher your intensity, the more calories you are going to burn in a given duration.

One of the most common ways to gauge intensity is monitoring your heart rate. A widely accepted way to calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220.

For example, a 30-year-old person would have a max heart rate of 190 bpm (beats per minute).

After figuring out your max heart rate, you would pick a percentage of that to be your target heart rate. For example, if the 30-year-old wanted to workout at 70% of his/her MHR, they would aim to get their heart rate to 133 bpm (190 x 70%).

The problem with using your heart rate to gauge intensity is that there are several things that can alter your heart rate, while resting and while exercising. Read more on How Intense Should Your Cardio Exercise Be For Weight Loss?…

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I think it’s human nature to be self-conscious at times, especially in an environment like the gym. This is almost always 100% true for beginners.

It’s also one of the most common reasons why some people never even get started and completely avoid workout out all together. Don’t feel weird or feel like there’s something wrong with you if you feel like this. It’s completely normal and even I felt like this too.

The fact is that we all have to start somewhere. You should be Read more on Don’t Be Intimidated in the Gym…

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I’m almost ashamed that I have to write this, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the best type of water you should be drinking.

You may be asking yourself, “well how many different types of damn water is there?” You’d be surprised how many companies are looking to  make a quick buck.

It’s easy to get caught up in the vitamin enhanced waters, life waters and any of the other stupid names these companies give these drinks. If you’re concerned about vitamins, take a regular daily multivitamin! It’s a lot cheaper than continuously buying these other products.

The answer to this question is simple: Read more on Which Type of Water is Best For Weight Loss?…

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Free weights consist of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. Are they superior to resistance machines like the chest press machine when trying to lose weight?

Which will help you reach your goals faster?

The short answer is yes, and I’ll explain why.

In fact, free weights are superior to machines when it comes to building muscle as well.

There are a few reasons why this is, but the main one is that Read more on Free Weights or Machines for Weight Loss?…

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I get asked this question a lot. This is the simplest way I can answer it: In the short term, yes. In the long run, no.

Since all diet drinks have 0 calories, they will definitely help you consume less calories every day which could in turn, help you lose weight in the short term.

There are a few very important things you should know about diet soda though that could cause more harm than good to you.

First of all, Read more on Are Diet Drinks Good For Weight Loss?…

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Does eating fat make you fat? Makes sense on paper right? So is this popular statement true? Well today, I’m going to defend fat — the most negatively talked about macronutrient.

Not all fats are created equal.

Over the past few decades, fat has been getting a bad reputation, particularly from the surgeon general, American Heart Association, etc.

They conducted several studies that concluded that a diet that is high in fat, lead to people gaining too much weight and becoming overweight and obese.

Therefore fat immediately became the culprit and you started seeing fads like low fat diets and such. The food industry quickly capitalized on this trend and started selling fat-free products in order to cash in on consumer’s fear of fat.

There are four types of fat:

  1. Trans Fat
  2. Saturated fat
  3. Monounsaturated fat
  4. Polyunsaturated fat

Before I go any further, I want to make it very clear that Read more on Eat Fat to Lose Fat?…

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For some people, it can be very easy to get discouraged when trying to lose weight. Learning how to be patient while staying consistent is key.

But in the struggle to stay consistent with workouts or diet, comes the inevitable downfall of missing a workout or cheating on your diet and the immediate guilt afterwards.

This is completely normal and is a sign that you are in fact, only human. The best thing to do in this situation is to Read more on Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself When Trying to Lose Weight…

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