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Is Fast Weight Loss Possible For You?

I think we live in a day and age of instant gratification (i.e. text messages, status updates, tweets). Not to mention many people have internet access on their smartphones. If we need to know any information about anything, we are just seconds away from knowing.

If we want something, we can usually get it pretty quickly with no problem.

So does this apply to losing weight?

Well, the answer really depends on where you’re starting from and how you define “fast.” There is a widely accepted guideline when it comes to losing weight that says losing 1-2 pounds a week is what you should aim for.

It’s true in some cases for those that are very obese to lose more weight at a faster rate than this guideline suggests.

For those not in this situation (maybe you only have 10-15 pounds to lose), if you happen to lose weight faster than 1-2 pounds per week, it could mean a number of different things.

For one, if you’re following a low-carb diet, it’s very possible and almost certain that some of the weight you’ve lose is simply water weight. Since you’re depleting your body of its stored carbohydrates (glycogen) you end up losing the water that these carbohydrate molecules hold. This does not always equate into fat loss, but rather water weight loss.

You will put some of the water weight back on once you resume eating a normal amount of carbohydrates again.

From my experiences, those that go to extreme levels (cut calories by way too much) always end up putting the weight right back on after they get off the diet. This type of sequence is referred to as “yo-yo” dieting.

Make sure you’re losing weight at the proper rate to avoid being a yo-yo.

So yes, while it is possible to lose weight fast, if it’s done too quickly, you’re more than likely going to put it right back on. It’s also not healthy for the body to undergo such extreme stress in a short amount of time.

However as I mentioned earlier, the extremely obese (I can’t really give a solid weight here so I’ll just say for those that need to lose at least 100 pounds) can lose weight faster than someone that’s in a healthier condition.

As a general rule of thumb, the leaner you are, the harder it is to lose weight. For example, for males, if you’re around 10% body fat and want to really see your 6 pack, you will need to strip off more body fat and get around 7-8% roughly.

This will be more difficult than if you started out at 16% body fat. This is because your body needs some fat to survive, so when fat starts to become scarce, your body holds on to it even more and makes it harder for you to lose it.

I hope this has helped you determine whether “fast weight loss” is possible and realistic for you.

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