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How Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Weight Loss | Weapons 4 Weight Loss

How Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Weight Loss

We’ve all seen the typical “beer belly” on a guy that is notorious for drinking a lot. Why does this happen? Well, the answer might be different than you think. I’ll explain.

Basically, your body burns fat in two places, in your liver and in your muscle tissue. Keep in mind that alcohol is a toxin to your body.

Your liver’s responsibility is to help remove toxins from your body. Thus, once you start drinking alcohol, all of the attention from your liver goes into getting rid of that alcohol from your body.

As a result, this inhibits your liver’s ability to metabolize fat for that given period of time. It takes about one hour for your body to metabolize one drink (12 oz beer or 1 oz hard liquor).

So do people gain weight because of the calorie content or the carbohydrate content of the alcohol? NO!

These are just marketing propaganda from the beer and liquor companies in order to get you to buy their “light” products.

Just because it says “light” doesn’t mean you won’t get fat.

It’s the fact that your body is doing everything it can to remove the alcohol from your body, and not focusing on the fat from the food you ate, as well as your stored fat.

So it’s important to keep in mind that when you’ve just ate a bunch of food and then start drinking alcohol, or even eating food at the same time, your body is now going to go after the alcohol to metabolize that, and NOT the fat.

Depending on how much alcohol you drink, your body could be working for hours and hours in order to metabolize it. So the food that gets left in your body for a long time (i.e. 24 hours), because you’ve consumed a lot of alcohol, is now going to be stored as FAT since your body couldn’t break it down properly.

A reason for this is that the alcohol makes it hard for your body to absorb the nutrients from the food you ate.

These are things to keep in mind if you plan to do some drinking any time soon. If you plan to go get hammered, you probably shouldn’t eat a huge meal right before.

Another factor that can make people gain weight with alcohol is the fact that some people end up eating junk food while they’re drunk. Taco Bell seems to come to mind here.

I’m not saying avoid alcohol totally. It’s fine to go out and have a good time. Just keep in mind the effects that it will have on your body.

You will obviously get to your goals a lot faster if you avoid alcohol, but that’s up to you.

Anyways, that’s it. Be aware of what you’re doing and know that alcohol WILL negatively impact achieving your weight loss goals.



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