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Flabby Arms: How To Tone Your Arms - Arm Toning Exercises | Weapons 4 Weight Loss

Flabby Arms: How To Tone Your Arms – Arm Toning Exercises

Do you think you have flabby arms? If so, you’re going to love this post. I’m going to give you three very effective exercises that you can use to tone those arms right up.

The part of the arm which can get “flabby” is the back of the arm, the triceps muscle! These exercises really hit the triceps and you’ll notice a difference in the firmness of your arms in as little as a month!

You can do all of these exercises at home without going to the gym! So let’s get right into it.

Your toned arms are right around the corner!

1. Diamond pushups

These are like regular pushups except that you make a diamond or triangle shape with your hands by touching your two index fingers together, as well as your two thumbs. Keep the rest of your fingers together. It  should look like this:

The center of the diamond should line up directly in the center of your chest.

Using this hand position puts more emphasis on your triceps during the movement, and you’ll definitely feel it, trust me.

As always, you can do these on your knees if you can’t do them normally yet.

2. Chair Dips

- Facing away from a  STURDY chair (you can also use a table, stool, or anything that is solid and will hold your weight)

- Place your palms on the edge of it so that your fingers hang over and are pointing forwards

- Place your feet flat on the ground in front of you

- Slowly lower yourself down making sure NOT to shrug your shoulders, keep your shoulders stable

- Once you get low enough such that your triceps are parallel to the ground, raise yourself up back to the starting position

- Do them slow and controlled for a better, more effective workout

Once you get more advanced, you can place your feet out further and even place just your heels on the ground.

**Be sure that the chair or whatever you are using WILL NOT SLIDE as you do the movement. You can get injured badly this way**

3. Triceps Kickbacks

All you need for this is a light dumbbell (even a canned good is enough resistance for some folks).

- Get on all fours and then pickup your dumbbell

- Keeping the triceps of that arm parallel to the ground, extend your forearm backwards right before your elbow locks

- Don’t lock your elbow joint during this movement!

- Slowly move your forearm back while keeping your triceps parallel to the ground

**The only part of your body that moves during this exercise is your forearm**

It looks like this except both of your knees are on the ground:

The first two exercises work not only your triceps, but also your shoulders, which will help you get your arms toned even faster.

If you haven’t already, start incorporating these great exercises into your routine!

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