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Starting on Monday, June 10, 2013, local Dearborn Boot Camp Weapons 4 Weight Loss will host an evening session at 8pm at Levagood Park in Dearborn.

Not a morning person? Not to worry! Now you can get all the fat-melting benefits of the indoor morning class, without feeling like you’re dragging ass! No more excuses!

Evening classes will run Monday through Friday at 8pm.


The outdoor sessions feature the same interval workouts with modifications for all fitness levels, a guaranteed safe, fun and effective workout!

If you are interested in joining the boot camp in Dearborn, check out the link below to claim your free week and body diagnostic assessment with Nick, the head trainer.

Claim your FREE week of boot camp ===> CLICK HERE

You’ve got nothing to lose but unwanted fat!


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What’s up everyone, I’m proud to announce my first Groupon promotion!

You’ll get an entire month of sessions plus a 21-day nutrition plan to follow along for maximum results!

Check it out here ====>

This Groupon is subject to availability, which means that these classes WILL fill up fast!

If the class is full by the time you purchase the Groupon, you will be put on a waiting list so act fast.


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>>>>Check out Dearborn’s Top Personal Trainer Program Here<<<<

Hey guys just wanted to make a video telling you Dearborn’s Best Personal Trainer’s top two tools you need in order to be successful on your weight loss journey.

These two things are something that I have seen time and time again, and are very critical to reaching your goals.


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Hey guys, I have a new location in Dearborn Heights for my fitness bootcamp. This Dearborn Personal Trainer is committed to success and will stop at nothing to get YOU to your fitness goals.

With a 100% unconditional money back guarantee and an exclusive “lifetime-guarantee” you have no risk at all, I put all of the risk on my shoulders.

And I’m just fine with that! You know why? Because that’s how confident I am in my system and programs. I get RESULTS. Period!

Click here to learn more about the Dearborn Boot Camp <=======

Check out one of my BEST success stories:

Judy: “I Lost 6 Dress Sizes!”

The Weapons 4 Weight Loss Bootcamp is simply amazing. I give full credit to Nick’s use of his 4 Minute Fat Loss technique. It’s so fun keeps me motivated, I’ve never trained like this before!

I can finally fit into my old dress again, I feel as sexy as I did in my 20′s. My husband looks at me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I never would’ve gotten to where I am now if I didn’t take action and call Nick.

He’s one of the most influential people I have ever met. He’s more than just a Dearborn Personal Trainer, he’s a great friend and mentor. He’s taught me so much about my body, so now I know what to do on my own!

If you’re contemplating about signing up or giving him a call, I strongly advise you to stop waiting! The body of your dreams is literally one phone call away.

Thank you so much again, Nick. From the bottom of my heart.

-Judy P., Dearborn, MI


Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

All you have to do is click here ======> The Dearborn Boot Camp

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Thought I’d change it up a bit and do a post about things I’ve noticed in Central and South Florida thus far. Some of it is fitness-relevant so I promise this won’t be a rant. Let’s get started.

  1. There are way less overweight/obese people compared to back home in Michigan.
  2. My theory is that people are more active since they can go for walks and bikerides all year round.
  3. People in the south seem way nicer and are in better moods than the north. Again, I attribute this to the awesome weather.
  4. The locals down here take their warm weather for granted!
  5. The food seems to be a lot fresher. The fish and fruit just taste better.
  6. I find it wierd that they wear jeans when it’s 81 degrees out because they think it’s cold out.
  7. Not sure why, but I have seen a lot less people smoking.
  8. It’s gonna suck really bad in the summer when the humidity rises.
  9. I now love oranges.
  10. Alligator tastes like chicken.
  11. You can spot a tourist so easily (I had to learn how to blend in).
  12. Miami beach is heaven on earth.
  13. Running in the sand is one hell of a workout.
  14. There’s lots of gold diggers down here.
  15. I normally don’t care for cars but I’m definitely getting a Lamborgini eventually.
  16. I’m determined to capture one of these little geckos and make it a pet.
  17. I think i could climb a palm tree and grab a coconut if I really wanted to.

Pics to come!

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