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Cardio Before or After Weights When Trying to Lose Weight?

Should you do cardio exercise before or after your weight training when trying to lose weight? This topic is the one of many opinions. I will offer you mine from my clients’ as well as my own experience.

Typically, your main focus of energy expenditure should be when you are lifting weights or doing some form of resistance training because it’s usually more demanding on your body.

Most people can walk, jog or cycle at a moderate pace for an extended period of time. I’m not saying that doesn’t take energy, but it’s not as intense as resistance training.

Think of it this way, doing resistance training AFTER using most of your energy during your cardio is a lot harder than the opposite.

However, we are all different and have different goals. Some people use resistance training to merely stay toned. In this case, the training for this is not as intense so it wouldn’t really make a difference if cardio is done before or after.

Another exception is if you work out twice in one day. I’m talking about two separate bouts of exercise. For example, if you workout once in the morning and once in the evening, it really doesn’t matter if you do the cardio in the morning and resistance in the evening or vice versa.

This is because there is sufficient time for your body to recover and complete the next workout at night.

My advice to you is to give both a try and see what you like best, pick something that you know you’ll be able to stick with and that is what you’ll have the most success with!

Also, check out my other article here about doing cardio on an empty stomach.

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