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Can Women Lose Weight While Keeping Their Curves?

I know that a lot of women are scared of losing their “nice ass” if they lose weight. They don’t want to lose their curvy body — perfectly understandable.

So is this even possible? The answer is absolutely! But there is one very important element that you MUST incorporate to achieve this.


Now ladies, don’t start to freak out. When most people hear “resistance training” they might think of dumbbells, barbells, water jugs and unnecessarily loud grunting. This isn’t the case (unless you don’t mind those things).

You don’t need to lift heavy weights to get a good resistance training workout in. There are plenty of effective body weight exercises that will more than suffice.

These include (in no particular order):

- pushups: if you can’t do a regular pushup, you can start by doing wall pushups, then progressing to pushups on your knees as you get stronger.

-pullups: if you can’t do a pullup, you can do an assisted pullup by placing one or both of your feet on a chair in front of you to take some of the weight off as you pull yourself up. Most gyms have an assisted pullup machine as well.

-squats: your legs are the biggest muscles on your body and it takes a lot for them to get fatigued. For this reason, body-weight squats will require you to do a LOT more repetitions and sets compared to if you were using added resistance (i.e. dumbbells, barbells, etc)

However, this does NOT mean added resistance is necessary as long as you keep the intensity up and feel like your legs are getting a good workout.

Wall squats are another great leg exercise. The video I just provided is an example using a ball and dumbbells for added resistance. Wall squats can be performed without those things if you are a beginner.


Believe it or not, even activities such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is technically resistance training for your legs. It’s a great option and will also improve your cardiorespiratory health. Check out my post about using interval training in your workouts for more info (I only discuss normal interval training, not HIIT).

An example of HIIT would be if you walked around a track for 1 minute intervals and then sprinted all out for 30 seconds, and then repeated that sequence for a given duration (usually 15-30 minutes).

Another example of HIIT would be to use the stair climber machine at a high intensity or an elliptical at a very steep incline. A widely-known example of this type of training is Insanity. I have actually completed the Insanity program and will review it shortly so keep on the lookout for that.

All of these methods have a resistance training-effect on your legs/lower body which is absolutely KEY to maintaining your curves as you lose weight.

But why is this necessary?

Because muscle gives your body its shape! If all you did was diet and normal, moderate pace cardio, yes you will lose weight, but you will also lose a lot of your muscle! So what? Girls aren’t supposed to be muscular anyways, right?

This will result in you looking incredibly flabby and flat (not necessarily in the chest area), I’m referring to the muscles on your body.

Look up pictures of  female Olympic endurance runners. That is generally the type of body most women (and men) would end up with over a long period of time if they were to do nothing but diet and steady-pace cardio exercise.

I’m not saying normal cardio is bad because it’s not. You just need to make sure you’re doing some type of resistance training as well. Balance is the key.

If you’re concerned about your “assets” going away, then I should stress the importance of lower body resistance training. That is what you should be focusing on the most — making sure you incorporate some form of that.




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