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Best Ways To Measure Weight Loss Progress

Sometimes people get too caught up with what the scale says. Especially if you weigh yourself fairly often. Check out my post about why scales aren’t a good way to track progress.

So what are the best ways to gauge your weight loss progress?

1. How your clothes fit – Seeing how your jeans fit is one of the best ways to tell if you’re losing weight. Since there really isn’t much give with jeans (not very stretchy), you’ll easily be able to tell when they start to fit better.

Button-down shirts are another clothing item in which you can tell if you’re losing weight.

2. Your energy – Do you still feel as sluggish and groggy throughout the day? One of the first noticeable benefits of exercise and proper diet is reduced stress and increased energy.

Don’t obsess over the scale when losing weight!

3. Body Fat – The weight on the scale doesn’t factor in how much muscle you have. There is no differentiation because it combines your weight from both fat and muscle. A pair of body fat calipers can help you measure your body fat percentage.

Tracking your body fat percentage can more accurately tell you how your progress is going. After all, you want to be losing fat, not muscle.


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