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Benefits of the Afterburn Effect

Benefits of the Afterburn Effect


Over the last few years, High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become the most convenient way to carry out work out routines with different studios and gyms profitably capitalizing on the quick-but-effective way of training.

This training alternates between bouts of intense activities which may include routines like sprints, with periods of less-intense active recovery or complete rest.

This super-efficient workout has been proven to be one of a kind as a result of its ability to burn fats and build muscles simultaneously at an incredibly fast rate.

This process can also be referred to as the after burn effect. So, what is the after burn effect, and of what benefit is it to the body?

The process of the after burn can also be referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This has to do with the oxygen your body needs in order to restore itself to its pre-workout state.

Oxygen is then used to produce fuel which is necessary for your muscles to get fired up during routine exercises. Your body can also call on energy storage sources that may have excess oxygen in them.

A benefit of the after burn effect is the fact that aside from being an effective way to work out, there is a marked improvement in blood pressure and insulin level.

The after burn effect is experienced both during workout routines and also after all aerobic exercises. However, the level of intensity of workout would be a determinant factor in how much after burn effect will be experienced.

For a low-intensity workout, an example being the treadmill jog, it will be noticed that the after burn effect will be lower. In fact, the after burn effect count could be as low as just 6 percent calorie burn on the workout.

However, engaging in a high intensity workout would bring about a higher percentage of calorie burn. For example, running a speed drill could bring about an after burn close to 15 percent.

There are some factors that may vary an individual’s after burn reward however. Some of these are the fitness level of the individual, the body weight of the individual and also the muscle mass of the individual.

Research has shown that the bodies of people who are aerobically fit are generally better fat burners than those who are not.

Hence, people falling under this category generally have a longer after burn effect.

Be very wary of different fitness and workout studios who promise to turn your body into a fat-burning machine for extended periods after your exercise. It works, but it takes expertise and patience!

Undergoing this routine gives you a healthier lifestyle. When a workout is finished, if properly done, the after burn effect gives the body’s muscles enough boost to keep shaping up long after the workout is completed.

You can continue burning up the calories for up to 24 hours after the workout has been completed. The after burn effect revs up your metabolism and brings about unrivaled benefits as you work out using this routine.

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