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Are Empty Calories Affecting Your Weight Loss? | Weapons 4 Weight Loss

Are Empty Calories Affecting Your Weight Loss?

Empty calories are foods or drinks that have very little if any nutritional value but sometimes have a lot of calories.

Examples of empty calories include: candy, cakes, cookies, pastries donuts, regular sodas, energy and sports drinks, alcohol, pizza and ice cream.

Limit empty calories to speed up your weight loss and leave you feeling fuller with your diet.

Most fatty meats are also considered empty calories such as bacon, sausages and ribs. However, these foods are acceptable if you are doing a certain diet (Atkins for example).

These foods provide you with no nutrition and only add to your daily caloric consumption. Any time you are on a calorie-restricted diet, you it’s absolutely critical to make every calorie count.

The opposite of empty calorie foods are nutrient dense foods. These are foods that have lots of important and useful nutrients packed into them, with fairly low to moderate calories.

These are the foods you should be eating when trying to lose weight. Examples included: vegetables, lean proteins (i.e. chicken breast, skim milk, etc), and complex carbohydrates (i.e. oatmeal and sweet potatoes).

Of course you should also be getting your healthy fats from good sources like nuts, olives and avocados.

Eating empty calories will simply leave you hungry and unsatisfied shorty after eating it. No one wants to be hungry when you’re already on a diet.

Start limiting your empty calories, and start loading up on some nutrient dense foods and you will start to see faster results with your weight loss.

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