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3 Real Reasons You’re NOT Losing Weight…

I often have a “no sugarcoat” mentality and attitude when it comes to my personal training and when I teach. I don’t tell people what they want to hear, but rather I say the truth.

Now here are my top 3 real reasons why you’re probably not losing any weight. These come from experience and are of course not the end all be all reasons.


Most people are inherently lazy, not just with fitness, but just in general. This laziness means you’re missing workouts and inconsistent with tracking your food.

Sometimes people think they eat less than they actually do, or have inaccurate “eyeball” measurements when they eat, thus making them eat more than they need.

You need to build positive habits, and that only comes with repetition. Never forget the reason why you’re doing this in the first place! THAT is your motivator.

2. You Neglect Nutrition

Lots of people think all they need to do to lose weight is start exercising. And while yes, that is a huge part of it, the person will then think they can eat whatever they want since they work out.

You can always out eat your workout, no matter how many calories you burn!

Diet is the tougher part of losing weight. Think of it like this: If you worked out every single day for an hour, that’s only 7 hours for the entire week. What are you doing the rest of the time?

Sleeping, at home, at work…pretty much everything else. Temptation is all around you to eat poorly. The majority of your time is spent in these situations, not working out.


The simple fact is this: LOSING WEIGHT TAKES TIME!

Chances are the extra weight you’re carrying did NOT accumulate overnight. You cannot expect it to come off overnight either.

Consistency is everything. If you quit what you’re doing….what do you think will happen?! Of course you’re going to gain weight again, duhh!

A good rule of thumb is to expect weight loss of around 1-2 lbs per week if you follow your program correctly. But again, this is a rough estimate and varies based on lots of factors such as how much weight you have to lose to begin with.

We live in an age of instantaneous gratification, if we want something, we can usually get it asap (assuming money wasn’t an issue).

But fitness unfortunately doesn’t work like that. You need to believe that what you’re doing is working, and stick with it! Nothing works if you quit a month into it (or less)!


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