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You may have heard that eating carbohydrates before you go to sleep is a no-no. Some even say that eating anything in general before you go to bed is bad for weight loss. Is this true?

Look, when you’re talking nutrition and losing weight, the most important thing is that Read more on Are You Eating Carbs Before Bed To Lose Weight? Read This!…

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If you’ve ever worked out in a gym, you’ve probably seen women doing this exercise a lot. That machine works the hip adductors by isolating them.

However in my opinion, there are two much better exercises for your inner thighs. Read more on Women: Best Exercises to Tone Inner Thighs…

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Sometimes people get too caught up with what the scale says. Especially if you weigh yourself fairly often. Check out my post about why scales aren’t a good way to track progress.

So what are the best ways to gauge your weight loss progress? Read more on Best Ways To Measure Weight Loss Progress…

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We’ve all seen these sweat belts and wraps on infomercials that claim to help remove fat from the selected areas (usually your midsection). Do they work? Is it possible to be able to pick where you want the fat to come off on your body?

The answer is Read more on Spot Reducing Fat During Weight Loss?…

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Here’s another popular question I get asked. When is the best time to do my cardio exercise? Morning? Night? Middle of the Day? Does it make a difference?

I always give the same answer: The best time for cardio is Read more on Are You Working Out at The Right Time of Day to Lose Weight?…

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If you have an office job, or any other type of job where you’re constantly sitting down at a desk looking at a computer for most of the day, this may have caused you to have bad posture.

Do a self check right now, is your back straight? is the monitor at eye level or are you looking down? Are your feet flat on the ground?

Nevermind the foreign text, this is typically the posture most people have whilst at the computer. This can cause long-term nagging problems if it’s not addressed.

Chances are that you said no to one of those things. What does this cause over a period of time?

This causes Read more on Do You Have Bad Office Desk Posture? How to Fix It!…

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I should’ve addressed this sooner. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have had success with a particular diet (Atkins, South Beach, etc) just to fall off the wagon afterwards and end up gaining all that weight (sometimes even more) right back.

Has this happened to you? If so, you might Read more on How To Keep The Weight Off After You Lose It!…

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People have been asking for my review on the Insanity  60-day program, so here it is. I completed the Insanity program back in 2010 and still use some of the workouts for my cardio days every now and then.

Pros Read more on My Review Of Insanity Extreme Home Weight Loss Program…

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We all hit roadblocks on the path to our fitness goals, it’s inevitable. However, the faster you can find the cause of your lack of progress, the faster you can get back on the right track.

You might not even be aware that Read more on 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight…

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Having your head filled with false weight loss advice/tips can make it very challenging to achieve your goals, and could make you quit altogether. So here are my top 5 weight loss myths I always hear and some people may believe.

Myth #1: Read more on 5 Weight Loss Myths Revealed!…

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